Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Rustic Chic Dream Wedding Giveaway

On August 1st, I paired with many of the #girlbosses I had featured over the past several months and we launched a very exciting contest!

A dream wedding giveaway for some lucky couple!

We have only a few weeks left in the contest and I can hardly wait to find out who the big winners are!

Here are the players:

Barbie Hamilton. Barbie is the owner of Truly Heavenly Events and is already anticipating working with the lucky bride to help orchestrate her perfect day. Barbie and I raised our kids together and I've seen her talents flourish over the years in a HUGE way!! Her talents are multi-dimensional, and she is a dream to work with!

Savannah Abbott. Savannah is the creator of Ezra & Olive, a paper and post company. I was in a few college classes with Savannah and we both ended up teaching high school. I've always been drawn to her quiet grace and her style. Oh y'all...her style! She is a lot like me in that her calling is teaching but she found passion elsewhere, and her impeccable style carries over into her business. She will be designing one-of-a-kind invitations for the winning couple. Invitations which will help set the tone for the big day.

Mary Cyrus. I first met Mary when she and her husband, Opie, stayed here at the B&B a couple of years ago. We hit it off instantly and have stayed in touch. A woman of MANY talents, Mary is an amateur aerialist, a musician, and an avid gardener. She is also a talented photographer and one of her specialties is working with brides and grooms to capture their dream day in a classic yet unique way that will last the couple a lifetime! Our winners will LOVE working with Mary Cyrus Photography!

Elizabeth McClure. Liz is SO super close to my heart. She is a hairista of the highest degree! Not only will the bride feel ultra special as she sits in Liz's chair for her hair and makup, but she has a heart as big as Texas and a smile that lights up a room. She's one of those rare people in this world that listens...truly listens to what others say, and she cares about what they do. I can only say that the winner of this contest is going to get the royal treatment by Liz!

Cheryl Vaughan. Cheryl is my BFF. We're Lifers, friends through thick and thin (literally :), good and bad, exciting and ordinary. Cheryl is a highly talented cake decorator and has created so many wedding cakes over the years that we've all lost count. Not only do her cakes LOOK dreamy, but they taste even BETTER! Once you've tasted a cake by Cheryl, there is just no going back to regular cake. I'm pretty sure that's why I'm a pie person these days!

Kaitlyn Milby. Kaitlyn is another one of my college friends. We spent many a hour in the Hall of Languages at TAMU-Commerce! I feel as though I've watched Kaitlyn grow up...from a college girl who lost her roommate and best friend in a tragic accident, to marrying her high school sweetheart, to starting her teaching career, to giving birth to two handsome little loves, all the way to today...a dedicated fitness coach. Kait understands the needs of busy moms of all ages and she is committed to changing lives one at a time. Kait will provide the fortunate bride and her entourage with an online bridal boot camp and nutritional guide leading up to the big day!

Jennifer Gross. Jen and I go waaaaay back too, in all of the BEST possible ways! For as long as I've known her, she's had a special knack of taking any space and making it speak volumes in personality! She now runs her own company, 3130 home and - as much as I adore Chip and JoJo - Jen is my fave!! A couple of years ago, after trying in vain to decorate our home office, Jen came in and - in one weekend- totally transformed the space. It became functional AND beautiful! It is still one of our favorite rooms in the house! Jen will be preparing the spaces where the bride and her party will be getting ready, as well as the room that will be reserved for all of the guys! But her job won't end there...she is also transforming The Cowboy into a fantasy honeymoon suite for our special winners for their wedding night!

Holly Hargrove & Kristen Hargrove. These two lovelies are true fashionistas! They have their finger on the pulse of fashion combined with functionality. Together, they make up Tenly Grove, a women's online and pop up shop devoted to the needs of the modern woman. They will be equipping our bride with a couple of special honeymoon "looks" for this special time in her life! Believe me, this bride is going to feel pampered from head to foot!

If you are a soon-to-be-bride and you've not yet entered the contest, you still have time. Click on the following link and send us YOUR special love story!

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Rustic Chic Dream Wedding Giveaway

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